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Papers about Virtuoso Database

2017 MOCHA 2017 as a Challenge for Virtuoso Mirko Spasi´c1,2 and Milos Jovanovik
2017 Querying Wikidata: Comparing SPARQL, Relational and Graph Databases Daniel Hernández1, Aidan Hogan, Cristian Riveros, Carlos Rojas, and Enzo Zerega
28.09.2017 HDT Quads: Compressed Triple Store for Linked Data Julian Reindorf
2010 Directions and Challenges for Semantically Linked Data Orri Erling
2010 Virtuoso: RDF Support in a native RDBMS Orri Erling and Ivan Mikhailov
2008 Towards Web Scale RDF Orri Erling

Virtuoso tables

Virtuoso Scripts

1) Virtuoso QRL Converter and Replayer 2)

Virtuoso Dictionary


Virtuoso Checkpoint

A checkpoint writes the current in-memory modified pages (known as dirty pages) and transaction log information from memory to disk and, also, records information about the transaction log.

Virtuoso Buffers

Virtuoso log_enable

Virtuoso Database

Dumping graphs